Key to SME Sustainability: Transparency

SME transparency

Sustainability = Transparency

You can’t know details about the sustainability of an SME without transparency.

And transparency brings accountability in a society where it is badly needed.

How did we get here?

The period of discovery of the principles of free economy after the fall of communism in Romania gave birth to a generation of entrepreneurs very good at making profit.

The emergence of complex market mechanisms and the overcoming of the basic needs of the newly capitalist society took more than 15 years.

We are now witnessing the transition to a new economy. An economy where you have to consider more than profit.

Initially, companies in Romania built their business with walls around them to protect their profits from imitators. We are now in a period where, accelerated by social media, a new paradigm is born: watch everything I do and how I do it because you won’t be able to copy me anyway.

On this wave of transparency to communicate more easily to customers the commercial messages we need to start focusing on sustainability.

This is the ideal time.

We can reform capitalism in Romania.

We can build a modern society if we add sustainability as a basic pillar of the market and, implicitly, of democracy. Sustainable companies are the ones that lead us towards a lifestyle we all want and can sustain in the long term.

Adrian Tudorache – 21st Greentury

21st Greentury