Our Future:
Sustainable Development

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination.

Free course:

Sustainability basics

Individual changes

Sustainability in business

Sustainable cities

In the dynamics of the modern world, education for sustainability becomes a guiding light towards a better future.

Natural resources are dwindling and the impact on the environment is becoming increasingly evident.

In this context, learning about sustainability becomes a necessity.


Understand the delicate interconnections between the environment, the economy and society.

Cultivate critical thinking, creativity and responsibility.

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Module 1 > Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Module 2 > You can save the world, with minimal effort.

Module 3 > Interconnecting business with the SDGs

Module 4 > Carbon footprint, by where you live.

From 27-29 October 2023,

the educational camp will be organised.

Are you interested in participating in the camp “Our Future: Sustainable Development”?

16 students will benefit from a free camp in Bușteni from 27-29 Oct 2023.


Sustainable Cities

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Sustainable cities

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Sustainability Basics: How You Can Become a Superhero of Change for Good

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If you are between 15-40 years old and complete the course, you are automatically entered into the draw for #21VNDS prizes!

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