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Order of Sustainability, a national program dedicated to SMEs, was launched

"The 21st Greentury NGO launched the Order of Sustainability, a non-profit program to accelerate Romania's transition to a sustainable economy. This program offers a clear and easy path to sustainability for small and medium-sized companies in Romania by educating, evaluating and promoting their sustainability."

The 21MGFR project continues to enjoy unexpected impact

"The 21 Tasty Meals Without Waste project created to help raise awareness among young people about reducing food waste nationwide continues to have an unexpected impact. The message of the 21MGFR campaign reaches over 4,800 Romanian internet users every month who are looking for new culinary experiences but which also take into account the individual harmful effects on the environment."

The 21st Greentury Association celebrated its first anniversary

"21st Greentury was born at the initiative of two entrepreneurs, Adrian Tudorache and Adela Denisse Drogeanu, starting from the outline of three concepts: responsibility, positive attitude and environment. The source of motivation for the organisation to come to life is the satisfaction of the feeling of doing good. This led the two to turn their attention to social entrepreneurship and set up the non-profit organisation 21st Greentury."

21st Greentury Association, first year of activity

"The leadership of the NGO 21st Greentury, consisting of Adela Denisse Drogeanu, President, and Adrian Tudorache, Vice President, paid special attention to organizational development by participating in the programs "Creștem ONG-uri În Stare de Bine 2021/2022" and "Laboratorul Creștem Comunități În Stare de Bine" organized this year at the end of May."

21 Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship for young future entrepreneurs

"Over 90 young people have expressed their intention to join the Community of Young Entrepreneurs for a Sustainable Future - #21AS. Project 21 Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship included several non-formal education components: online workshops and a digital library of educational materials."

Free Webinars on Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship for Young Future Entrepreneurs

"The three online workshop sessions will take place from 11 July to 28 July. Through them, young people aged 15-25 interested in starting a business will benefit of free non-formal education on social entrepreneurship and business sustainability."

21 Tasty Meals with Less Food Waste - 21MGFR Recipes (Food Processing)

"By improving individual behaviour in daily activities, the campaign will have a real and immediate effect on creating a sustainable food life."

The 21MGFR campaign message has registered over 40,000 views. 21 Tasty Meals Without Waste

"The 21 Tasty Meals Without Waste educational videos have recorded over 42,500 views in just 2 months since launch via Facebook and YouTube platforms."

21MGFR campaign continues

"The campaign has been running since November and continues through the holiday season. Within 21MGFR, 21 different, quick and easy-to-prepare home cooking recipes have been created, non-formal educational materials that can immediately help create a more sustainable food life."

"Climate change is not a global issue, it is an individual, even personal issue!"

"The 21st Greentury Association is organising the 21MGFR campaign, which aims to help raise awareness among young people about reducing food waste at national level."


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