Stock of Vegetables from Leftovers and Peels

Stock de Legume din Resturi si Coji

What do we do with used vegetable peels?

A healthy vegetable soup base, full of vitamins and nutrients

See the video recipe!


You can make a 100% healthy vegetable cube right at your home.

Freeze the soup created with us using an ice pack and use it as a base in your future dishes.

The ingredients for a sustainable and responsible menu are already in your kitchen!

Avoid food waste by preparing a responsible, simple, quick and easy soup recipe!

Discover the 21 tasty meals without food waste that we propose

Do you want to improve your individual behaviour by reducing your negative impact on the environment but don’t know where to start?

The 21MGFR campaign comes to your aid!

Reduce your personal food waste and that of your family members and be part of progress.

retete gustoase 21mgfr

Project financed by the Start NGO program, launched by Kaufland Romania and implemented by the Act for Tomorrow NGO.

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