Sustainable Capitalism in Romania

It took 42 years to implement a new economic system, to experiment with it and to find that it may not be the best option. 42 years of socialism with a planned economy in which the rules of the free market have been completely rewritten.

33 years have passed since we implemented another economic system: capitalism. Society has already begun to sense where capitalism excels and where it fails.

Lately an update has become popular that many developed economies have already installed. It is a basic update of capitalism aimed at redirecting humanity towards a sustainable path.

The aim of this update is to use the power of the free market to create a beneficial impact on society and the environment. Translated, the message is: you can prosper by behaving decently.

The project we will soon launch nationally facilitates the change in this business paradigm, which can be difficult without a guide.

21st Greentury is working on this non-profit initiative to accelerate Romania’s transition to a sustainable economy. We will provide a clear and easy path to sustainability for small and medium-sized companies in Romania.

Adrian Tudorache – 21st Greentury

21st Greentury