Sustainable Cities

The Urban Century: A New Beginning

With more than half of the world’s population living in cities, it is clear that we are witnessing a significant transformation in the way we live. But that comes with a crucial question: how can we make our cities better for all their residents and the environment?

From Concept to Action

Sustainable urban transformation is not just an abstract concept – is a reality in many cities around the world. In Scandinavia, for example, smart cities are becoming increasingly common. Using technology to solve urban problems, these cities show us how we can innovate and collaborate for a better future.

Combating Climate Change

Over the past decade, many cities have committed to fighting climate change. Cities around the world are cooperating and collaborating in international networks to tackle climate challenges. Here, the focus is not just on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also on decarbonisation – removing fossil fuels from the equation. Cities have a vital role to play here.

From Urban Infrastructure to the Sustainability Revolution

Urban infrastructure is the basis for transformation. This term may sound technical, but it simply means all the water, energy, transport and service networks that keep cities moving. How can we make this infrastructure work for us and for the environment?

Sustainable Mobility: Cycling and Electric Cars

If you’re a fan of cycling, there are many cities that encourage it as a means of daily transport. The city of Oslo, Norway, is stepping into the future with electric vehicle charging stations and bike lanes. Copenhagen, Denmark, is an example of how to promote cycling. Smart urban planning and investment in public transport create greener and healthier cities for all.

Energy Efficient Buildings

Did you know that buildings can also help save the planet? With advanced insulation, energy-efficient windows and renewable energy sources, buildings can make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

Technology for Our Cities

Technology is the key to smart cities. From smart street lighting to smart waste collection, technology is helping to make cities better. Any tech-savvy youngster would appreciate that!

Circular Economy: Reuse and Recycling

Promoting the circular economy through recycling and reuse helps reduce waste and conserve resources. It’s not only a good way to save money, but also to protect the environment.

Community Involvement and Education

People in cities must have a say in their future. Education and public awareness are also vital for changing behaviour and creating an environmentally friendly environment.


In conclusion, making our cities better and smarter places is a whole new journey full of opportunities. Young people have a vital role to play in this transformation, and our cities can become places where technology, nature and communities come together to create the ideal urban environment. Through long-term commitment, collaboration and innovation, we can make our cities better places for all and for future generations. Let’s be leaders of change and build the cities of tomorrow!

If you would like to learn more about this topic, we invite you to take the online course “Our Future: Sustainable Development – Responsible and conscious choices in everyday life”. The #21VNDS course is free and can be accessed by anyone interested in topics such as the basics of sustainability, individual-level change, sustainability in business and sustainable cities.

The project “Our Future: Sustainable Development” is funded through the Start NGO program, launched by Kaufland Romania and implemented by the Act for Tomorrow Association.

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Sustainable Cities

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