The Entrepreneur and the Community

About Entrepreneur and Sustainable Communities


When it comes to entrepreneurship and more precisely about the entrepreneur, or the profile of the entrepreneur, there are many things to say, but we propose to focus on the most important 10 qualities that a successful entrepreneur should possess:

1. Discipline

Take action every day to achieve your goals!

2. Self-confidence

Believe that you can do things well and develop your ability to spot opportunities!

3. Independent spirit

Assume your risks and responsibilities!

4. The power of innovation

Improve what already works!

5. Creativity

Create opportunities out of problems!

6. Positive thinking

See the glass half full and turn the experienced conjuncture into an advantage!

7. The ability to make decisions

Get involved but learn to delegate!

8. Passion

Start a business based on what you do for fun!

9. Perseverance

Do your best and don't give up in achieving your goals!

10. The risk

Learn to control reality through the preventive approach!

The community

What are communities?

"Community represents a group of people who share common interests, beliefs or norms of life"

How are communities formed?

at the initiative of a brand
to support a brand

Community sustainability

Sustainability of community programs are services designed to meet the needs of community members. This represents the ability of programs to respond in an ongoing manner to situations/problems facing the community.

Interested in starting a business?

Benefit from free non-formal education on social entrepreneurship and business sustainability

Join the Community of Young Entrepreneurs for a Sustainable Future

To learn more, watch the free video course on Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship

Supporting the local economy is an effective factor by which all 3 principles of sustainability come together:

  • Environment protection

Reducing the impact on the environment

  • Social development
  1. Job growth
  2. Supporting community groups
  3. Maintaining the authenticity of the community you belong to

  • Economic development
  1. Strengthening the local economy
  2. Obtaining quality services
  3. Investments at the community level
  4. Using taxes in a smart way
  5. Meeting customer needs and expectations in an efficient manner

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Entrepreneurial management and sustainability

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Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

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The Entrepreneur and the Community

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Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship

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Here you can find all the documents necessary to open a social entrepreneurial activity.

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