Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

The Social Entrepreneur and Sustainability in Business

The skills of a social entrepreneur

  • leadership and communication skills
  • knowledge in business and financial management
  • marketing management skills
  • knowledge of legal subjects in the field
  • administrative and team management skills

Entrepreneurship is Management

Management [ˈmænɪdʒmənt] (from lat. manum agere “to lead with the hand”) and means “the art of doing something together with other people”.

To serve the identified needs, objectives are built using the SMART management tool.

  • Be specific, answering the questions: Who, What, When, Which, Why?
  • Measurable by establishing success criteria.
  • Accessible to be touched.
  • Realistically achievable.
  • Time bound.

What is Sustainability?

  • Collaborative – the goal should encourage the team to work together
  • Limited – Must be limited in time and purpose to give focus
  • Emotional – The goal must be one that sparks passion and engagement among team members
  • Actionable – breaking larger goals into smaller goals that can be tackled quickly
  • Refineable (flexible) – Changing / adapting objectives according to the situation encountered

Sustainability is synonymous with durability!

The 3 principles of sustainability

  • Environment protection

This is largely about reducing carbon footprints, water management, wasteful processes and non-compostable packaging.

  • Social development

It aims at the responsible, ethical and sustainable treatment by the employer towards the employees, towards the interested parties, but also towards the community in which a business operates.

  • Economic development

It assumes that the business is profitable, producing enough income to continue into the future, achieving a balance between profit and positive impact.

Interested in starting a business?

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Sustainability in business

The English economist John Elkington was among the first specialists to address this destructive attitude, trying to find a way for businesses to develop sustainably, for corporations to adopt a more responsible attitude towards people and the planet. This is how the “triple bottom line” concept appeared, by applying which business people had to approach the activity they carry out from a triple perspective:

  • of risks regarding profit
  • of social risks regarding people
  • of environmental risks regarding the impact on the planet in general

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Here you can find all the documents necessary to open a social entrepreneurial activity.

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